The Hollywood Librarian

The Scottish premiere of the US documentary The Hollywood Librarian: A look at librarians through film took place in Glasgow last night (Tues 6 May). The screening was arranged by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland (CILIPS) and the Career Development Group (Scottish Division), a special interest group of CILIP. The Scottish library and information community showed enthusiasm for the film and the cinema at Gilmorehill G12 was filled to capacity on the night.

The film was written and directed by library consultant Ann M. Seidl and focuses on the portrayal of librarians in US movies, with interviews with real-life librarians providing balance to Hollywood stereotypes. The film-makers have incorporated librarians from different sectors to illustrate the diversity of the profession.

In making the film, Ann M. Seidl hoped to raise the public’s awareness of the challenges and realities of modern librarianship. However, the SLIC information team had mixed feelings about whether or not this outcome had been achieved. Did the diversity and scope of librarian’s roles shine through or was the film too focused on the Salinas case study? Were the negative Hollywood stereotypes challenged or perpetuated by the librarian interviews? Let us know your views on the film.