Goldentwits at MmITSCotland AGM!

This week I attended a full house event at Glasgow University library. The occasion was the MmITScotland AGM which featured Stewart Bain of Orkney Library as the guest speaker. It was heartening to see so many younger members of the profession turning out to support the CILIP Special Interest Group.

MmITScotland works with SLIC and SCURL to deliver the annual Scottish e-books conference and each year sponsors two delegate places at that event. So it was good to note that newly elected members of the Committee, Leigh Bunton, Louise Morrison, Shayna Conn and Claire Bell are all interested and active participants in digital developments. You can follow the Group on Twitter at @MmITScotland.  They also have a blog .

Stewart Bain is the voice of @OrkneyLibrary, the recipient of two Golden Twit Awards at the recent International Social Media Awards for their work with Twitter. Stewart explained that Orkney library and Archive have been using Twitter since 2009 to engage with and inform the public. @anabelmarsh has produced a storify of Stewart’s presentation. She has also blogged about the event.

The afternoon fairly flew by with lots of questions and discussion generated by Stewart’s talk. It was a real pleasure to meet the voice behind the tweets and to learn more about how the service is making social media work for them. You can join 5000 other followers  on Twitter @OrkneyLibrary.


Teens and social networks

Check out the dissertation from Danah Boyd at University of California in Berkeley,Taken Out of Context: American Teen Sociality in Networked Publics available at:

Anyone with an interest in social networks will find this really fascinating stuff, Danah spent 2.5 years studying the use amongst teens in the US.

Libraries and IT departments

In a recent blog post, educationalist John Connell raised the issue of what he described as the “IT head-lock” in Scottish local authorities. Referring to the education sector’s difficulties with IT departments, John notes “…the almost complete professional and attitudinal disconnect in most Scottish local authorities between those who manage the corporate IT networks and those who want to deliver a 21st century ICT experience to learners and teachers.”

Since the CILIPS and SLIC Web 2.0 experimentation commenced, the Information Team has been concerned about the disparity of access to the constituent services across library and information services. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this problem largely affects those on local authority networks, working within public and school libraries.

However, we’d like to get a more accurate view of the situation across sectors. Can you relate to the above comment about the relationship with your IT department? Are there services within the CILIPS/SLIC Web 2.0 package that you can’t access at work?**

We’re already aware of some exceptions within public libraries – East Lothian Libraries have a flickr account and East Renfrewshire Libraries (log-in required to access link) are on Facebook. Are there any others out there? We’d be particularly interested to hear about how libraries and librarians across sectors have managed to work with IT departments to resolve access issues.

**We appreciate that some CILIPS and SLIC members may not be able to access this post and are currently considering alternative methods of consulting our membership on this issue.