CILIP Framework of Qualifications and Accreditation Review

Last year CILIP Council commissioned a review of its Framework of Qualifications and Accreditation (FoQA). This was to look at procedures and processes, with particular focus put on administration of the FoQA. This review resulted in a report containing 19 recommendations.

A steering Group was created in December 2007 to oversee the consideration of the report’s recommendations. It will be producing a final report for CILIP Council in September 2008, with any operational changes being properly phased in from January 2009.

One of the recommendations made in the FoQA report is that ‘the current Revalidation award should be replaced by a lighter-touch, more collaborative approach to continuous professional development, which is nonetheless mandatory. The emphasis should be on personal development, quality learning outcomes, improving skills and competences and maintaining standards of practice.’

What do you think about the current Revalidation scheme? Should Revalidation become compulsory? Is there enough value put on Revalidation, and indeed continued professional development awards in general, within the work place? Please share your views.