CILIP Funding Review for Branches, Groups and Celtic Nations

The CILIP Task and Finish Group on Funding for Branches, Groups and Celtic Nations have been reviewing the current funding system, as well as looking at the model proposed by the New Business Model Working Group (NBMWG) in 2007. They have, in addition, devised an alternative model.

At present, CILIP members are automatically enrolled in a Branch and can choose up to two Groups without charge. Members may also join additional groups for £10 per annum.

The NBMWG advocate an opt-in model, whereby members would select two free units from the list of Branches, Celtic Nations and Groups; other memberships would be charged for.

The CILIP Task and Finish Group have devised an incentive-based model, which retains the present model but adds a layer of incentives. These include: rewarding Branches, Groups and Celtic Nations in their efforts to recruit new or lapsed members; and an annual cash award for Branch or Group of the Year or for a personal award for the Activist of the Year.

There is a consultation period up until Thursday 18th September 2008, when Branch, Group and Celtic Nations Officers can formally respond to the CILIP Task and Finish Group’s short discussion paper by filling out an online questionnaire. If you would like to have your say and are not an Officer or Group Divisional Committee Member you can feed your views to the Chair of whatever CILIP Branch or Group you are a member of. In the meantime we welcome any comments you have on the current funding systems and proposed models.