Not quite burning books…

Reading this week’s copy of Private Eye I came across a small piece in connection with libraries. Wakefield in West Yorkshire is planning a new city centre library and the inevitable restructuring of branches.

It alleges that Balne Library held a book sale where one avid reader got their hands on 19th century leather bound copies of Boy’s Own and was told any leftover books would be skipped.

Wakefield Council management claimed these books were not of interest to book dealers or the public.

A retired cataloguer is attempting to index the library’s collection. The librarian has found a major collection of bibliographies, Victorian and Edwardian children’s annuals and claims to have unearthed a rare copy of Diderot’s Encyclopedie from the late 1700s.

Does anyone else have experience of the disregard of our professional expertise in favour of chucking it all out at the behest of management?