Up and Running in 2012: Reports from the first CILIPS Council meeting of 2012

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CILIPS Council met in the Scottish Parliament on 27th January. The agenda included CILIP, SLIC and CILIPS partnership working, the Scottish Government consultations on DirectScot web services and the Scottish Parliament consultation on the National Library of Scotland legislation.

The CILIPS Policy and Resources Committee (President 2011 Alan Reid, President 2012 Professor Peter Reid, Chair of Council Sheila Miller, Honorary Treasurer Audrey Walker, Incoming Vice President Audrey Sutton, elected councillors Marilyn Milligan, Jeanette Castle, Michael Charlton and Roana Mourad – Director Elaine Fulton and Assistant Director Rhona Arthur; plus guest Susan Mansfield) met first but had to negotiate travelling through the Parliament with Susan Mansfield of SPICE (Scottish Parliament Information Centre) in attendance for security.

There are a lot of new members joining the Council- firstly Audrey Sutton, North Ayrshire Council was elected Vice President unopposed; Carole Gray, Motherwell College, Shayna Conn, Breast Cancer Care and Jeanette Castle, West Lothian Council were nationally elected Councillors returned unopposed; Thomas Connelly, East Lothian Council and Sean McNamara were co-opted; new representatives – Eleanor McKay, LOCSCOT and Sue Hitchen, Central Branch. CILIPS Council welcomed the new Council members, especially Audrey Sutton 2012 CILIPS Vice President and 2012 CILIPS President Professor Peter Reid.

The Council meeting opened with Audrey Walker, Honorary Treasurer returning the results of the nationally elected councillors (Jeanette, Shayna and Carole; and the P&R Committee’s decision to co-opt Thomas Connelly and Sean McNamara). The call for representatives from the Council to serve on the P&R Committee resulted in 3 people standing again (Jeanette Castle, Marilyn Milligan and Roana Mourad). Michael Charlton stood down as he is about to go to Peru to work in a children’s library and Thomas Connelly was elected to replace him.

Alan Reid reviewed his 2011 Presidential year. He said meeting members and library staff were highlights, particularly at branch meetings, especially at North east branch who video-conferenced with staff in Shetland. He joined a staff meeting in Dundee, opened the Moray Book Festival, attended library meetings in Fife, Lothian and Borders and external conferences in Estonian, Wales and Ireland. The CILIPS conference and Autumn Gathering provided opportunities for professional librarians to see the value of sharing skills, knowledge and practice and were also highlights.

Professor Peter Reid succeeded Alan as President of CILIPS 2012; after a distinguished career at Robert Gordon University as a renowned academic specialising in historical bibliography and local studies. He is a talented teacher and inspiring role model for students. CILIPS Past President Alan Reid’s dedication and professionalism was congratulated by new President Peter Reid, from who he accepted a bottle of malt whisky. In his opening address, Peter said lets shout out loud and clear about the fantastic job we do in libraries.

Honorary Treasurer Audrey Walker reported on the draft 2011 accounts which show a deficit of just over £7000. Obviously no treasurer likes a deficit but this was widely predicted and smaller than forecast. The root cause is declining financial support from CILIP and, whilst savings have been made on IT costs and the income generation is consistent, the return of a balanced budget is not foreseen until 2013. Relocating offices with SLIC will have some costs. The reserves remain at an appropriate level for the charity commissioners. The CILIPS Business Plan, CILIP/CILIPS / SLIC negotiations were all reported and updates will be continuing. SLIC is to move to new offices on Glasgow in March 2012 and the CILIPS staff will be relocating their activities.

The Council divided into three groups to have discussions on the following and the summary of the discussions will be circulated but quite often they provide helpful examples of good practice or content for responses to official consultations. This included the Community Learning and Development strategy, NLS legislation, the next stage of the lovescottishlibraries campaign, development of DirectScot services & Freedom of Information Amendment (Scotland) Bill. Elaine Fulton, SLIC Director has been invited to give evidence to Parliamentary Committee looking at NLS legislation on 7/2/12Members asked to comment on draft Annual Report, the development of eservices and information bulletin.

At this point the Groups and CILIPS Branches all get a chance to add their comments on their own activities, ask questions or request action. LOCSCOT raised their disappointment about exclusion of Scotlandspeople from access to 1911 Census information. East Branch held guided tour of Banned Books exhibition at NLS and visit to Royal Observatory library. North East Branch has been invited to speak to Robert Gordon University students and tell them about professional networks. Facebook pages for LOCSCOT and East Branch looking for members to join in their networks. CIG(S) are to hold metadata conference in March. Central Branch’s library bagging continues; as does their penchant for dressing up to draw attention to themselves and libraries! Their next event is a Linlithgow library bagging event on National Libraries Day 4/2/12. Finally the Scottish divisions of CILIP special interest groups raised their disquiet about request for bank information by CILIP.

The meeting closed with thanks to Susan Mansfield for her assistance in convening the meeting at the Scottish Parliament. The next meeting will be at the University of the West of Scotland in Paisley on 10th May.

Rhona Arthur
Assistant Director


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