Excellence Awards – a celebratory evening

Well, that’s the big event all over and what great evening it was! The Scottish Library Excellence Awards in the Garden Lobby of the Scottish Parliament attracted the interest of many cross party MSP’s.  Christine May, Chair of SLIC, presented awards to a range of libraries from across the sectors and it was good to see so many ex-chairs in attendance supporting the library sector.

Peter Peacock , MSP and Honorary President of CILIP in Scotland, spoke passionately about the importance and value of libraries as did Vice Chair of SLIC, Evelyn Simpson, who commended the recent Library Policy Briefing to all.

(Peter Peacock, MSP and Christine May, Chair of SLIC)

Then it was time for the awards! It was exciting to see the education sector feature with Sam Stirling of Dundee College picking up the SLIC Innovation award for their PADDI project, built around the JISC AccessApps initiative (itself an international award winner).

(Sam Stirling, Dundee College and Sara Brown, JISC RSC-Scotland-NE

Sheila Cannell of Edinburgh University collected the shared services award on behalf of SCURL for SHEDL while Helen Durndell, of Glasgow University and Chair of SCURL picked up the Users Award for Glasgow University’s success as the National Student Survey Winner.

(Sheila Cannell, Edinburgh University and Helen Durndell, Glasgow University)

A host of awards was made to various public library services under  the PLQIM scheme.  Dumfries and Galloway and East Renfrewshire won Excellence Awards while another 13 services won commendation awards.

(Dumfries and Galloway accept their award)

(East Renfrewshire with both their awards)

After the awards there was time for networking and everyone made the most of the time available to catch up with old friends and colleagues as well as reminding MSP’s of the important role of libraries in Scottish society in supporting people to develop skills, realise their aspirations and contribute to the economic growth and well being of the country.

(John Crawford, Isobel Hood, Leader of CILIP Council and Sheila Miller of CILIPS Council)


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