Garden Lobby event – celebrating libraries and demonstrating value

There can be few people in Scotland who are unaware that Holyrood elections to the Scottish Parliament will take place in around three months time.  Everyone knows that these elections are being held during a period of austerity and cutbacks across the country. All library services are facing changes as a result of financial constraints and  pressure to cut services. This has already generated substantial press coverage south of the border while many  in Scotland will be aware of  proposals which may affect their own communities.

Recently SLIC launched our policy briefing Libraries connecting people and communities which makes the case for all libraries from the smallest community library to those in colleges and  universities and the National Library of Scotland. The document outlines how policy makers can help support the further development of libraries and calls on them to recognise the value of library and information services to Scotland’s economic and skills development, education, cultural and literary heritage.

Tomorrow  we host a Garden Lobby event at the Scottish Parliament which celebrates and promotes excellence in library services and is a timely reminder to all of the value of  library services to the Scottish community. Awards which recognise excellence in all sectors will be presented before an audience of librarians, MSPs and other stakeholders. Watch this space for a full report and photos of the event.


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