Enriching Edinburgh’s past

Addressing History is a new website launched recently which combines listings from Edinburgh street directories with maps from the same years. The site provides an online tool which allows users to search for historical people, places and professions and view results both on a map and as a listing that links to the full digitised directory page. It’s all part of a JISC funded programme for developing community content under its digitisation programme. The project, which featured at the recent CILIPS Autumn Gathering event and also at the SLIC FE Conference, was developed by EDINA in partnership with the National Library of Scotland. Nicola Osborne, Social Media Officer for EDINA, discussed the crowd sourcing elements of the project at our Autumn Gathering and you can view her presentation here. Chris Fleet, Senior Map Curator at the NLS described to librarians at the SLIC FE Conference how geo-referencing the content of the Post Office Directories, and creating dynamic maps of people or professions at the touch of a button, opens up a whole new graphical way of visualising the Directory content. It’s a fascinating project highlighting social history and the website sensibly provides a link to our own Ask Scotland service for social researchers and learners of all ages.  Well worth a visit!


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