RIN Report on SHEDL

Recently the Research Information Network published a report evaluating the initial impact of the SHEDL during its first year of operation.

SHEDL was  set up as a ‘bloc’ purchaser for the Scottish higher education institutions by SCURL in 2008. Its first 3 licences, negotiated by JISC Collections on behalf of SCURL, and covering 1500 online journals, came into effect in January 2009.

The RIN report provides an overview of the initial changes that followed the introduction of the 3 SHEDL licences and is based upon an analysis of financial and usage data together with a series of interviews with Scottish librarians and academics.

Although the report cannot show long term trends its key findings are interesting:

  • Overall usage of SHEDL content rose faster than the UK average increase in usage of online journal articles;
  • Cost per use fell for all 3 publishers by between 11% and 17%;
  • SHEDL has supported increased awareness of the library offer in member institutions;
  • SHEDL has supported existing trends such as the move to accessing journal articles online, interdisciplinary research and improved information literacy training for students.

Consequently, the report recommends that institutions should continue to use the SHEDL initiative as a way of promoting awareness of the library and its resources among staff and students and to re-evaluate the performance of SHEDL on a longer term basis.

The report is available to download from www.rin.ac.uk/evaluating-shedl



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