‘A’ Rating for CILIPS Autumn Gathering

Horrendous traffic problems, train delays and absolutely foul wet and windy weather could not dampen the spirits of the capacity audience for CILIP’s recent autumn gathering event. Thanks to everyone who turned up at the Carnegie Conference Centre in Dunfermline and rated the  members day  ‘inspirational’ and ‘one of the best events ever attended’. A full house from across the sectors attended to hear a range of speakers from Branches, Groups and Regional Groups in a series of seminars and presentations during what proved to be a very packed day.


John Holden’s keynote address gave the day a thought provoking start with his presentation on “How can Libraries demonstrate value as costs come under pressure” advising that demonstrating value starts with “substance not stories” such as CIPFA research that confirms that public libraries are amongst the most valued services.


In a sign of the times UWS Librarian  Gordon Hunt’s presentation on shared services was packed out with standing room only after others were turned away.  From collaborative purchasing initiatives, shared services, joint campus arrangements, shared library management systems there was a whole lot to explore and discuss.  Certainly a topic for future seminars and debate!


Christina Kelly’s inspirational afternoon keynote on marketing your service  seemed to touch a cord and sent delegates away excited, optimistic and fired up with ideas and plans for their own library services.


If you weren’t able to attend all the presentations from the event are available to view here except for those listed below  which can be accessed by clicking the relevant link

Nicola Osborne’s presentation


Agnes Guyon’s presentation is available to view at


If you couldn’t attend view the photos

Thanks to all the speakers and delegates who helped to make the event so successful!




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