Information literacy in Scotland – join the CoP!

An earlier posting to this blog highlighted information literacy skills to support students as a key training need for library staff within further education.  This was identified through the JISC ETNA survey. But in fact information and digital literacy skills are increasingly being recognised as essential to employability across all sectors in the context of the Scottish Government’s skills strategy. Lesley Thomson and Jenny Foreman are colleagues of SLIC who work tirelessly from within the Scottish Government to promote information literacy to the Scottish library community.  They recently launched a community of practice to support this purpose.  ‘Creating an information literate Scotland’ has almost 60 members already and aims to  help cultivate the skills of finding, assessing, interpreting and synthesising information by providing a forum where ideas can be shared and discussed. Recently the Scottish Government library team also made available their information literacy and social media course materials on a new blog so that everyone can share in their use.  Currently Lesley and Jenny are assisting CILIPS with the planning and delivery of a practical CPD event based around promotion of information literacy within organisations. Contact them if you’re interested in getting involved in the community of practice.

And don’t forget our own CILIPS resources on information literacy elwehere on SLAINTE!


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