Can you Diigo it?

Earlier this year SLIC announced the recipients of our annual Innovation and Development Fund programme.  Among the successful bidders is the Diigo project being managed and delivered by Perth College in partnership with Moray College and Inverness College, all UHI institutions.  The Diigo initiative is all about building a Scottish FE resource knowledge base.  Specifically, the project partners intend to create an online collaborative high quality database of links to resources and make them available to librarians and educators in the Scottish FE sector using the Web 2.0 application Diigo.

The objectives of the project are

To identify types of resource to be recorded;

To identify, link and tag appropriate FE resources and;

To create an indexing system, including information about content, price (if appropriate) and how material can be accessed.

The lead partners at Perth College along with SLIC hope that as many information professionals as possible across Scotland will contribute to this exciting resource sharing initiative.  There are two ways you can get involved:

1.  Sign up for Diigo, and join the SLIC Diigo group.

2.  If you don’t want to join Diigo, you can still browse the library as it builds and make direct suggestions by email.

To help you, Perth College has made available an introductory guide for contributors which you can get hold of  by contacting Donald Maclean, Learning Technologies Manager  at Perth College  Donald’s also the man to contact with your suggestions and comments on the initiative.


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