Yes! We Can! – CILIPS #cilips10 Annual Conference kicks off in Glasgow.

Chris Pinder, CILIPS President 2010, opened proceedings in the Mitchell Library yesterday afternoon when we welcomed colleagues from around Scotland and the rest of the UK including CILIP President, Biddy Fisher and Bob McKee, CILIPS retiring Chief Executive.

Gerry Hassan, prior to his tv appearance last night talking about Calman, gave a stimulating presentation on the theme of wellbeing and communities asking us to think about perspectives on the future (being hinted at earlier in the day by Prime Minister David Cameron against a backdrop of university library shelves at Milton Keynes). We were also invited to ponder on the reasons for gender differences in getting involved in communities. Gerry will explore these issues in more detail later today when he facilitates a workshop for delegates. Duncan Simpson from Fife Council gave a thought provoking presentation on young people and community. Then it was straight into the extremely popular speed surgeries addressing a range of topics from customer service to the curriculum for excellence.

Following a busy first day of papers and perspectives from a range of knowledgeable speakers delegates enjoyed a reception to accompany the opening of the trade exhibition in the magnificent setting of the Mitchell Library Main Hall. After dinner, the evening concluded with Baillie Liz Cameron acting as quizmaster for the traditional CILIPS quiz.


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