CILIPS Council Meeting, Friday 21st May

The second meeting of the CILIPS Council in 2010 took place on met on Friday 21st May in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. Council welcomed new members Susan Mansfield from the Scottish Parliament and Gordon Anderson from Culture and Sport Glasgow. They were both co-opted onto the Council. Kathleen Milne from Comhairle nan Eilean Siar joined as the YLG representative and Catherine Owens as the new SLG representative. It’s very good to see new faces and ideas being brought to the Council and they were all contributing before the end of the meeting.

Audrey Walker asked the Council to homologate the Annual Accounts for 2009, which had been approved by email in time for printing. She also gave her financial report for the early months of 2010 but stressed that the conference and courses are the main source of income so May is an important month financially. Assistant Director Catherine Kearney has been developing a range of supporting governance tools – updated roles and responsibilities for trustees, guidance for incoming office bearers and training. These were approved in principle with some detail to be confirmed.

Recently Council moved the AGM into the conference programme and this means that the presentation of Honorary membership is no longer made at the Conference. The 2010 awards will be presented at a one day conference in late October and names for 2011 Honorary Membership were presented to the Council. These were accepted and will go to a special general meeting for approval. As you’ll appreciate the recipients are yet to be informed so they don’t appear in this blog but there are 6 of them and all very deserving.
Last year, SLIC and CILIPS commissioned Maria Kelly of Ravenshill Consultancy to talk to stakeholders and review the joint working arrangements. The recommendations in her ‘Futures’ report were accepted by Council and actions and responsibilities have now been added. These will be posted on Slainte when finalised.

CILIPS has for some time now, been encouraging CILIP to map the certification level professional award (ACLIP) to the SCQF and there has been some progress with this. It is hoped that CILIP will continue to map the rest of the awards. Other issues reported were the complex discussions with the Performing Rights Society, which will continue in London this week and the pressures of financial cut-backs on a range of services. Members were encouraged to keep CILIPS staff up to date with proposals where possible so that as much effort can be made as possible to put forward a strong case for libraries.

The Information Team have managed the first stage of transferring CILIPS IT services out onto the cloud; this will be completed in 2010. The CILIPS Membership online area is receiving some log-ins but the message from Chair of Council, Marilyn Milligan is to constantly promote the new service and encourage others to join in discussion. This led to a really interesting discussion about moving some CPD into a virtual learning environment, what member’s might use, what kind of content, how formal, should it be CILIPS only, etc? There will be a chance to discuss this at an event to be arranged and this will include CILIPS partners and other library/information groupings, as we’d like to hear their views and whether they would be interested in using the learning platform too.

The Devolved Nations Forum report was received and actions agreed. The conference report showed that the exhibition is fully sold and registrations are healthy. Principles for addressing issues arising from Libraries and the Recession were agreed and CILIPS will follow up on individual cases.

Biff Carmichael raised issues about the 1911 census on behalf of LOCSCOT and CILIPS will ask members to get involved in lobbying the Registrar General for free access to the census data.

The Council meeting closed with discussions about Defining our Professional future and content for a Manifesto for Libraries for the 2011 Holyrood elections. It was a very full afternoon but great to have so much happening and so many members getting to their feet to share their views.


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