CILIPS Council 29th January 2010

CILIPS Council met on Friday 29th January in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow. Council welcomed Victoria McAra to her first meeting as the CDG representation, congratulated Roana Beveridge on her new appointment at STV and greeted Audrey Walker ina new role as Honorary Treasurer, taking over from Alistair Campbell. Audrey has previously been East Branch rep, Chair of Membership Services Committee and representative to CILIP Council. The first meeting of the year took decisions on the following appointments: Marilyn Milligan to Chair Council. Moira Methven, Sheila Miller, Jeanette Castle and Keith Fraser joined the Policy and Resources Committee but there is still one vacancy which will be filled by co-opting. Margaret Forrest passed on the CILIPS presidency to Chris Pinder who then spoke about his theme for the year – Mind the Gap. The ‘gap’ he refers to is the one which is exists between policy developers and the library floor; a second gap between all the diverse interest groups in the profession who need to work together to make best use of expertise and resources; and the last gap is in the understanding of funders and CILIPS must renew efforts to convince them of the value of investing in libraries.

Audrey Walker gave the first financial report as CILIPS Hon Treasurer, reporting a loss for year mainly stemming from the print journal which will now appear in digital format only. A less expensive newsletter will be the print mailing to members, starting in February. A demo of the new members’ area of, the online journal and the print newsletter met with approval. The Business Plan for 2010 was accepted.

Honorary Membership will go to an EGM for approval before the CILIPS Conference and these nominated are Margaret Forrest, President 2009; Sheila Cannell Director of Library Services, Edinburgh University Library; author Ian Rankin; and Charles Sweeney recently retired Manager of the RSC-SW, JISC.

In terms of policy, SLIC announced a major promotion of libraries will take place at the SOLACE and CoSLA conferences this spring and there was heated discussion about proposed changes to IPR, copyright and licensing practices impacting across libraries. Pressures on libraries in all sectors from the recession were discussed and, in particular, threats being proposed by local authorities to school libraries are under close watch. Members should keep in touch and will be provided with information and support. Keith Fraser alerted members to the new powers of the Information Commissioner.

The discussion groups mulled over themes and content policy for the journal; and ways of encouraging policy exchanges in the branches. Feedback from group discussions was fantastically rich and diverse. Finally, the Director explained CILIP changes to their Policy Forum and Branches and Groups Forum, before updating Council on the Big Conversation. Arrangements will be made to hold discussions in Scotland.

The Council meeting was followed by a presentation to Ann Steele, CILIPS and SLIC Office Manager who retired at the end of January after 20 years. She was praised for her hard work and unfailing support over this time.


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