Improving Libraries for Learners

This week saw the launch of Improving Libraries for Learners, the third guide to self evaluation for school libraries in Scotland. It was the culmination of 17 months of work by some of the team who produced the predecessor document. They volunteered their time and intellect again, because it was initially thought that this would be a short re-work. However, a number of changes took place during the deliberations which extended the timescale of the project. The group decided to hold a series of consultation meetings in late 2008 so that a wider range of school librarians could contribute. This brought forward an array of case studies and added to those gathered by Ian McCracken for feature in the Times Educational Supplement. HMI are prioritising 5 indicators in their work, 3 of which are featured in the new guide. It is also worth noting that the group felt that QIs 5.6 Equality and fairness and 8.3 Management and use of resources and space for learning were very relevant and would encourage a retro-look at Libraries supporting learners for librarians examining their provision in these areas. The SLIC Information team has posted new material on Slainte and their contribution and that of the Working Group is greatly appreciated.

Key to all of this development work is not so much the process of self evaluation, although time out for reflection and backing up statements with evidence is useful, but the resulting improvements to the service for children and  young people.


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