Enterprise, engagement and new communications: Web 2.0 in the library

On the warmest day of the year in Edinburgh so far the hottest ticket in town gained admission to this sell out event at the National Library of Scotland where the key themes of the day were communication and engagement.

While some sectors have experienced enthusiastic uptake of social networking technology the public library service has been slow to engage.  Not so Edinburgh City whose head of service Liz McGettigan spoke passionately about how the service had seized on Web 2.0 to engage with users, exploit the collective intelligence of user communities  and  build the foundations for the library of the future.

Phil Bradley advocated  use of weblogs and Flickr as well as Librarything to enhance communication and engagement but stressed that ‘it’s the activity, not the tools’ which is important.

Jason Campbell of JISClegal highlighted the law surrounding Web 2.0 for library and information service staff in his usual entertaining style while sharing insights and anecdotes gleaned from his work with the tertiary education sector.

Gillian Hanlon  introduced important work being undertaken at SLIC to create national guidelines for library services which will support the implementation of Web 2.0 services across the Scottish information landscape.   She discussed CILIP’s use of liveblogging and Twitter during our recent annual Conference at Peebles to open up the Conference and engage in new ways. Finally, Dave Errington from TALIS  took everyone on a nostalgic trip down  memory lane as he discussed the effects of disruptive technology.

Delegates came away from the Conference with the key message that Web 2.0 is integral to community engagement and should be a part of library core services.


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