SLIC and CILIPS in 2009

This year looks set to be a busy time for the team at SLIC and CILIPS.  Here’s a round-up of the main projects we’ll be working on in the first half of the year:

  1. AskScotland – work is currently under way on the national service that will enable people all over the world to have Scottish history questions answered by a Scottish librarian.  The first phase of the project will include around one third of Scotland’s public library authorities, with the others being brought on board within three years.  AskScotland will be coordinated by SLIC and will form part of Scotland’sInformation.  The service is due to be launched at the CILIPS Annual Conference in June.
  2. SLAINTE – the SLIC information team (Penny and Gillian) has been working on a complete re-design of the SLIC and CILIPS website.  This has been a tricky process due to the sheer number of pages – 15,000! – and the fact that SLAINTE combines the web content of the two organisations. Our main concern has been that too much of the valuable content we host is buried within the current structure. In order to remedy this we’re introducing sector specific entry points on the homepage to enable users to reach relevant content quickly.  Some changes will be phased in over the coming weeks, with the fully re-structured site going live in the spring.  Any suggestions or feedback would be most welcome.
  3. FE Standards – a working party was established in the latter part of 2008 in order to develop a new set of standards for college libraries, in line with revised HMIe guidelines.  The group has produced a draft framework and the project is moving towards timely completion.  The whole working party will meet to discuss the draft tomorrow (Thu 29 Jan), with publication expected spring/summer 2009.
  4. CILPS CPD and Annual Conference – the spring CPD programme has now been agreed and full event details will be publicised shortly.  Check SLAINTE events for further details.  The CILIPS conference 2009, titled Inspiring Excellence: Your self, your service, our future, will take place 1-3 June at Peebles Hotel Hydro. The programme has yet to be finalised but the event will take a slightly different format this year.  More details will be published very soon.

Updates on these and other services will be available via SLAINTE or follow us on twitter.


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