NHS Scotland Information Literacy Competency Framework – latest news

More news on information literacy in the NHS, this time from Scotland and Eilean Craig – eilean.craig@nes.scot.nhs.uk who has informed me that their Framework has been revised and reformatted as a booklet series rather than a single (huge!) document. The revised booklets are available for downloading at www.infoliteracy.scot.nhs.uk/information-literacy-framework.aspx. Eilean says as always, any comment and suggestion will be much appreciated.

I for one will be checking them out and taking note for revising the draft National Information Literacy Framwork Scotland.

For anyone not familiar with this work they’ve produced an Information Literacy Framework intended for use across NHS Scotland, with NHS Scotland partners, patients, carers and members of the public. The framework is currently being piloted. I particulalry like the scenarios within the framework and think something similar could be used for other workplaces and information literacy. It’s certainly something we will be exploring along with case studies. They’ve also developed an NHS information literacy model which Eilean says is gradually becoming recognised and gaining acceptance.

In addition to the Framework, they’ve also produced online information literacy courses available at www.infoskills.scot.nhs.uk. The courses are available to everyone who has an Athens password and ID (and there is the opportunity to register for these if you don’t already have them). A third tool they’ve developed is the information literacy portal at www.infoliteracy.scot.nhs.uk/

Some great work going on and one to keep an eye on.


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